Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bay Saint Lawrence Fishing Derby and Crab Fest 20th Anniversary

Tomorrow—17 July 2011—is the annual Bay Saint Lawrence Fishing Derby and Crab FestThe Bay Saint Lawrence Fire Department organizes this unique event, which is embraced by the residents’ of Bay Saint Lawrence and the surrounding communities of Northern Cape Breton. For twenty years, locals who have moved away to work and travellers from away plan their vacation around this date.

Twenty years ago I was twelve years old and was an eager participant in the Derby. Tomorrow, I will be responsible for tabulating the results of the fish with my good friend Amy.  Twenty years ago I was so excited to use the jig and pull in fish, after fish, after fish in our old wooden boat the Nancy and Sherry. Tomorrow, I will be on shore with my volunteer fire fighter pager. Times have changed, but the fun in the fishing remains the same: the best part of the Derby is watching the kids win.

 Nearly every local business donates a prize, so the Derby is a wonderful fundraiser for the Fire Hall. However, though the Derby is a local treasure, what most people travel to Bay Saint Lawrence for tomorrow is the Snow Crab Fest. All of the snow crab for the Festival is donated by local fishermen. The fishermen take pride in both catching and donating the crab. Volunteers at the Fire Hall take pride in preparing and serving the crab.

The Bay Saint Lawrence Fishing Derby and Crab Fest offers you a unique home-cooked experience:

Home-caught fish for a home-run Derby.

Home-caught crab. Home-cooked crab.

Home-served cab. Homemade volunteers.

It is a great day and I hope to see you with some fish and eating some snow crab.